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DM-KD in a nutshell

DM-KD stands for [domestic-music] and Kata Dumur. They combined their styles and names to form a new band in 2013. “Structure” EP is the first full release of their original material produced in last 2 years. It is a journey into atmospheric, dreamy, darkish electronica with deep yet soft, layered voice and explorative lyrics.

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“Machine” on Sisyphean Records

This time we’ve teamed up with Sisyphean Records to release our new balearic / downtempo track. Here what they wrote about the single:
“DM-KD present the Machine. A take on electronic vibrations into the velvet colors of purple and blue. Systemic ways of creating a sudden shift of pitches and amplifiers, the machine, streamlined through ghost hardware’s comes alive. The cold shivers of the ambivalence runs throughout the longing title. The rise of a inner self of unknown origins. DM-KD express an optimistic sound to new age electronic music. The new genre of styles popularized by ahead of it’s time designs. Unique, deep, and from a sentimental touch. The Machine is truly the DM-KD label. It’s filled with everything you know to love, longer, modern, and mysterious then ever before.”

Available everywhere online >>

Released by: Sisyphean Records
Release date: 3 May 2018