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MEMPADA is a short name for Munich Electronic Music Producers and Digital Artists meetup, which we organize since 2017. This is a group for people who produce and love electronic music. Let’s meet up, socialize, collab, share sick presets and production techniques and hack around together. The goal is to meet like-minded producers, gain new motivation & influences. No restriction on styles or workflows, or any other stuff. Let’s create a relaxed and productive environment together. We are an inclusive group suporting gender, ethnical and any other diversity in electronic music.

We are 294 Producers & Artist strong!

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New project in progress – Lichtpause

Lately we’ve been very silent, but only because we are very busy preparing something new.

As time goes by Lichtpause has been born out of a need for more audiovisual experience. In Lichtpause we combine our passion for electronic sound accompanied by interactive visualisations using Microsoft Kinect camera.

Premiere show took place earlier this year:
15.03.2019 PARTICULAR 01– at 21:00 (CET) – Container Collective | Spanplatte, Munich
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DM-KD in a nutshell

DM-KD stands for [domestic-music] and Kata Dumur. They combined their styles and names to form a new band in 2013. “Structure” EP is the first full release of their original material produced in last 2 years. It is a journey into atmospheric, dreamy, darkish electronica with deep yet soft, layered voice and explorative lyrics.